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About Highly LLC

Hi! I'm Zoey.

     When I was studying for the LSAT, I couldn’t afford a prep course or a tutor. I resolved to do my best with the resources I had. I bought a pile of mismatched old LSAT textbooks at a used bookstore here in Atlanta, and got to work.
    It took a long time, but I completed every problem on every prep test. I used Google to find explanations and clarifications from various sources. Little by little, I familiarized myself with various LSAT concepts and methodologies. I synthesized numerous strategies to create the best strategies.
    I sat for the LSAT twice, scoring 169 on the January 2019 exam and finally a 180 in March 2019. I’ve been teaching the LSAT ever since! Coaching my students to their fullest potential on their law school journey is my passion and life purpose.
    I take tremendous joy in my students' progress and success. I consider myself a mentor and motivator as well as a teacher. Not everyone can score a 180; the exam is not designed that way. I am every bit as proud of my students who work hard to score in the 150s as I am of my students who work hard to score in the 170s. My job is to help my students achieve their potential. 
    Please check out my upcoming classes and register for my free events. Feel free to reach out to me with any inquiries or to schedule a consultation. I look forward to being part of your success story!

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